Pokemon Trainer Wins!

Hello! First off, sorry for the delay, I’ve had a lot of things going on off line and doing art commissions is a main priority, then keeping this site updated.

The featured image is of CharTheLizard and charmander after winning a Pokemon battle!

Below we have Alex, a commission from themehster.


I’ve gotten quite a few bird anthros lately, they are so cool and fun to draw they make me happy. =3

Next we have Corelia and C. Commissioners are Idiotxd and AwesomeC. Corelia is showing off her rock collection.



Featured Image is of Lucky_Dalmation as Battleborn’s Benedict.

Then below is Spectre and Phantom enjoying a Pterodactyl Ride! Commission from PhantomFullForce!



New Site Launched!

Hello! Welcome to the new site! I plan to make weekly updates showing off some of my favorite commissions of the week. I do commissions daily. I plan to show off my comics here too.

For the fetured art this week we have Vance, a fennec fox, yelling, “I’m not a kid!” at Xeres. They are some kind of space cat creature. I really loved drawing Xeres. Commission from DarcblakWolf.

Next we have Zack, Zomgshiny, Alexander to be used as a cover for a new song they created.