Gaia Contest Entry!

Featured image was my entry for the zOMG returns splash screen contest.

Below is a race between Phantom and Scorpio! Who will win? Only PhantomFullForce knows! He is the one that commissioned the art!

This is Yenniku Amori! A mage with a bad attitude! Commissioned from wolffan98!

Typical Family Day

New gag comic from Righin and Mutley1996. Really had a lot of fun working on this!

Mom and Dad!

Mom and dad wanted Icons to use online or for whatever they want! I was happy they came out so well and they were quite pleased! My dad commented how he looks like a super hero!


New Comic: Jared Riley



New comic with Jared Riley! Jared is the author and I’m illustrating the comic! The comic will be mostly developer humor but anyone is welcome to check out the comic and have some fun! Fallow for the latest comics!

Above is Dustin rocking out on his ice guitar and his huge ice speakers!! Commissioned by dws1801youtubes.

Below is Awenyx reference sheet, commissioned by raptorv.

Pokemon Trainer Wins!

Hello! First off, sorry for the delay, I’ve had a lot of things going on off line and doing art commissions is a main priority, then keeping this site updated.

The featured image is of CharTheLizard and charmander after winning a Pokemon battle!

Below we have Alex, a commission from themehster.


I’ve gotten quite a few bird anthros lately, they are so cool and fun to draw they make me happy. =3

Next we have Corelia and C. Commissioners are Idiotxd and AwesomeC. Corelia is showing off her rock collection.


Featured Image is of Lucky_Dalmation as Battleborn’s Benedict.

Then below is Spectre and Phantom enjoying a Pterodactyl Ride! Commission from PhantomFullForce!


New Site Launched!

Hello! Welcome to the new site! I plan to make weekly updates showing off some of my favorite commissions of the week. I do commissions daily. I plan to show off my comics here too.

For the fetured art this week we have Vance, a fennec fox, yelling, “I’m not a kid!” at Xeres. They are some kind of space cat creature. I really loved drawing Xeres. Commission from DarcblakWolf.

Next we have Zack, Zomgshiny, Alexander to be used as a cover for a new song they created.