Comic Artist for Hire

I’m looking to do comics for long term or short term. I can do a variety of styles: anthro, indie manga/anime, and cartoon. I would probably be best at doing boy love comics, fantasy comics, and/or anthro comics. I would be open to anything though if you feel my art fits your story so feel free to shoot it by me!

So far I’ve worked with two writers before. One historical gag comic and the other a gag-a-day comic. You can see more examples on my comic page of my portfolio.

If you are interested in what I do, feel free to e-mail me:
You may have one free head shot drawing to see if I can match the style you are looking for!

These are my comic prices per page, but if you are looking to do a long term comic, we can work out a price that works for you along with a payment plan.



2 to 3 panels = $60
4 to 6 panels = $70



2 to 3 panels = $80
4 to 6 panels =$90



2 to 3 panels = $45
4 to 6 panels = $55


Gag-A-Day Style


Per Panel = $25